Happy 5 Months Old My Son

Time sure flies sooo fast, I can’t believe he has turned 5 months already, it still feels like Anka was put on my chest for the first time yesterday…even though it was 5 months ago (exactly at this time – 6.46 am)

Within a month (last post> Happy for months old) Anka had done so many progress. Here are 13 progress captured on camera

#1 Learning to sit.

Still not stable yet but Anka can do tripod for few seconds and already able to lift his upper body when assisted

#2 Fun with toys

We can leave Anka to play alone just be sure we are near him.

#3 Sleeping sideway

Anka could do this since he was 1 month old (here)Β  but he mastered the art lately.

#4 Sleeping and hugging

Anka and Ayah always sleep together in the morning before Ibu goes to work…and this is the cutest sleeping together they ever done. (ps. we, most Indonesian, co-sleep with our baby)

Β  #5 Getting better at selfie πŸ˜‰

#6 Nungging (I don’t what is it in English…sorry)

Anka does that and start moving backward using his hand to push his whole body.

#7 Tummy time with elbow

#8 Tummy time with stretched arms

#9 Tummy time with elbow and stretched arm

I can’t stop laughing every time Anka does this. As if he is thinking of something.

#10 Happy to see Ibu at the end of working day

#11 Delicious feet

#12 Sleeping on tummy.

Anka is getting better on this. Ibu left him sleeping on his back and came back to the room to see hi already sleeping like this.

#13 Playing with saliva

This is the most recent thing Anka did. I think he just learned the fun of salivating.

Next months Anka will start eating complimentary food πŸ™‚



    • Yes…it this intended for him to read one day. Most posts are written in Indonesian…this post is the first one in English and when I have time I will put Indonesian translation too.


  1. Love that smiling face! I think Nnungging (sorry if I spelled it wrong) might be what we call rocking. On the hands and knees pushing back and forth with hands but not actually moving around. Maybe it’s not the same. Kinda sounded like it. Cute either way. Oh, that face when Ibu is home! Precious!


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